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House Plans: What You Should Know


In this Mesena 80-82 article we will discuss everything you need to know about house plans. These are necessary for obtaining building permits, requesting a detailed budget and as a guide to the construction process of your home. 

Importance of housing plans

House plans are precise information about something you want to do. It uses a technical and standardised language that makes its construction possible, as it specifies the measurements, details, materials, etc.

Types of house plans 

In order to materialise an idea, a set of technical plans is needed, these are:

Layout plans

The distribution plans or architectural plans show us the distribution of each room in a house. Within the plans there is also a symbolism that you should know to fully understand the idea, such as the arrows that indicate the direction of a staircase.

Installation drawings

These are more detailed drawings of a specific installation:

  • Drinking water supply system: Specifies how we are going to supply the house with drinking water, in most cities and towns there is a centralised supply but not in rural areas, so other ways must be studied. The information provided by these plans are the water pressure, meter, stopcocks…
  • Sanitation System: This is the design of how we are going to evacuate all the wastewater from our house. The information provided by these plans are the location of the ventilation pipes, inspection chambers, etc.
  • Electrical system: These plans detail the entire electrical system of the house: conduits, conductors, accessories and devices that allow the supply of electrical energy from the generating stations to the interior of the house. The information that appears in these plans are the layout of the electrical cables or the location of all the parts that make up the system, among others.
  • Heating system: This plan details, if any, the type of system to heat the house and the information we can find is the layout of the system or distribution manifolds, for example.
  • Etc.

Carpentry plans: doors and windows 

This refers to the detailing of every door and window in the house. If the carpentry work will be custom-made, each door and window should be further detailed, or the other option would be to consider using standard doors and windows that can be purchased on the market.

In this way, these types of house plans help the builder to know where in the house each type of door or window goes and their respective specifications. 

House plans: Structural drawings

This represents the skeleton of the house, its entire structure. These are the most important house plans as the safety and stability of your house is at stake. They are made by means of structural calculations according to the weight of the house and the type of soil of the land. The foundations, pillars, slabs, etc. are detailed.

Floor slab plan

Floor slabs are the horizontal or inclined structural elements used to form the different floors of a house or roofs.  These plans must be detailed for each level of the house. 

House plans: Construction details

Finally, it is important to have such plans where construction details are indicated, they are especially important at critical points where it is important to avoid leaks or thermal bridges and it is essential to ensure correct construction.

The design of a house is made up of 48 technical drawings, as many points have to be detailed. For this reason, in order to build a house in a safe way, house plans are necessary.

We hope that we have helped you to resolve your doubts about the house plans, an essential element when it comes to building or renovating a house. Don’t forget that you can visit our website and get information about luxury flat or read our blog