Mesena 80-82
full of life

Mesena 80-82 is a premium housing project in one of the most select areas in Madrid, a city full of life offering you a whole lifetime to fill your home.

Located in the district of Hortaleza, this exclusive residential area enjoys a location making it easy to get everywhere and to everything you may need: the airport, financial center, all kinds of transportation services, and much more. At Mesena 80-82 there are no distances, there is connection.

Your oasis
in the most cosmopolitan city

This exclusive project conceived by the prestigious Carlos Lamela architectural firm offers you an oasis where you can rest from the frenetic pace of the city but, at the same time, allows you to live life whenever and wherever you want, since the surrounding area offers endless possibilities thanks to its fully developed infrastructure and services, constantly functioning.

Full of Life is the philosophy of those who take action, those who know how to take advantage of everything the city has to offer, those who enjoy movement, dynamism, leisure and the most varied cultural options, opening up a constantly growing range of possibilities. And, since life also requires moments of leisure too, at Mesena 80-82 you’ll also enjoy a personal space and opportunities for real relaxation thanks to all the amenities that have been incorporated to improve both your quality of life and that of your loved ones.



Outdoor swimming pool


Landscaped areas

Gastroteca (restaurant)

Bicycle space

Heated swimming pool

aire libre

Outdoor spaces

Arturo Soria

Arturo Soria
connects with life

As one of the most important districts in the capital of Spain, Arturo Soria continues to expand its range of possibilities and, constantly growing, welcomes this unique project with open arms. This is a very special area where people, their cultures, business, leisure and, of course, innovation, all converge. The ideal place to live connected to Madrid’s bustling city life, and to the whole world, thanks to its strategic location.