First occupancy licence: What you should know


First occupancy licence

First occupancy licence is an official document whose purpose is to verify compliance with the conditions imposed in the building permit. When the town planning, environmental and safety conditions are approved, first occupancy licence document is processed by the public administrations, specifically by the corresponding town council. It is a key document as it proves that the activities and works are in accordance with the regulations and it is not only a document for the administration but also for the owner of the building.

In some autonomous communities like Valencia, this licence replaces the habitability certificate. This document only accredits that it meets the minimum conditions to be able to continue with the building process. On the other hand, in other territories, everything is grouped together in first occupancy licence, as in the Autonomous Communities of Andalucia, Aragon, Madrid, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia and País Vasco.

In our case, as we can see, the licence is all included in the same document, as we deal with new buildings in Madrid.

How to obtain the first occupancy licence

As it is a document processed by the town hall, the first thing we must take into account is to comply with the indications and regulations required in the territory. In addition, we have to adapt to the conditions of each town hall, although in general they are usually the same general rules:

  • Photocopy of DNI or CIF of the representative or personal documentation.
  • Final works certificate signed by the management with full authority.
  • Certificate of final reception of the works.
  • Accreditation of VPO.
  • Book of the building.
  • Proof of payment of the corresponding fees.
  • Installation bulletin and test protocol of the telecommunications installation, as well as the building’s electrical installation and fire protection certificate.
  • Municipal licence for major works.

Once the documentation has been handed over, we must visit the municipal technicians to check that the construction site follows and coincides with the steps we have marked and that everything is correctly regulated by the legislation. If, for any reason, we find any errors, a new period is opened so that these faults can be corrected. Once it has been approved, the relevant local council will allow the process to continue.

How much does a first occupancy licence cost?

The paperwork usually generates an expense as it involves administrative procedures.

The price of the licence will depend on the location; each local administration. Another factor that will change the price will be the building’s square metres or the type of construction.

From Mesena 80-82 we suggest to go on site for any public procedure and to make an appointment with the corresponding official.